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Our Stainless Steel Barista Buddy is 100% leak proof and perfect for keeping drinks hot on the go!

The twist lid system is custom designed to come apart for easy cleaning.

Learn how to disassemble and clean your reusable cup by watching this video from the Smash Team.

Check out our video that features step-by-step instructions to disassemble the lid of your new Hydro Twist Drink Bottle for cleaning. You can view the video HERE.

We are all about you. Products to help you move, eat, and life life better. As market leaders in the Back to School market, Smash provides a range of on-trend lunch bags, drink bottles, stationary and school bags. Smash also look after our grown ups with fashionable ranges across adult lunch, outside dining , kitchenware, BBQ, cooling and so much more.


You can now find Smash products in 26 countries around the globe.

Smash products can be purchased at the top retail stores in Australia including Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Officeworks, Spotlight and more.

You can view the list of our international stockists, by visiting the Stockists page.

Smash prides itself on the quality of our products which stand behind a 100% performance guarantee.

Please be assured that should a product not meet your expectations, Smash products carry a 12 month manufacturing warranty that is redeemable at the retailer of purchase for a replacement or a refund.

Please read and retain all receipts as proof of purchase, and present them to your retailer for all claims.

Should you require further assistance you can contact our Customer Service Team via the Product Enquiry Form on our website.


None of the products in the Smash range contain BPA.

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical used to make a wide variety of products such as plastic bottles, containers and food lining. Recently, concerns have been raised about the safety of BPA. Smash Enterprises ensure that all products are BPA Free and are safe to use.

Do Smash products contain Phthalates?
The food contact surfaces such as the inside lining of our lunch bags and coolers are phthalate free* and have been tested and confirmed by leading international testing bodies.

*Phthalate free means that the products are tested against the leading international standards and confirmed to be free from (7P) phthalates.

To make sure that Smash products remain safe to our consumers, employees and the environment, Smash ensures that all regulations and standards set by governing bodies are not only met, but also exceeded. These governing bodies include:

  • Food Standards Australia and New Zealand
  • United States Food and Drug Association

Products are tested by SGS Australia or SGS Hong Kong which are industry recognised and conform to guidelines and industry best practice recommendations.

All of Smash products meet and exceed regulations and standards set by governing bodies. Where applicable, Smash products are:

  • BPA Free
  • Lead Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Food Safe

If you are wondering if your Smash product is free from the above, please refer to your packaging.

Smash products are made from durable and high quality materials. To prolong the life of your Smash item, we recommend you follow the cleaning guidelines for our range:

  • Before use, wash your Smash product by hand
  • To prolong the life of your Smash product, we recommend you clean your items by using a warm damp cloth, or follow the Use and Care instructions for each item below.
  • DO NOT clean with abrasive soaps or scouring pads
  • DO NOT use chemicals such as bleach to clean
  • For more cleaning instructions specific to material or product category please visit our Product Cleaning FAQ’S page.

The Bento Bite is the ultimate Nude Food Warrior! With six individual compartments, it is designed to fit a variety of foods (including a mini apple!) and will suit appetites of all sizes.

If you are located in Australia you can purchase the Bento Bite at selected Woolworths stores nationally.

If you have a question or would simply like to learn more about your new lunch box please review our extensive Bento Bite FAQ’s HERE.

Clean Lock Technology allows the components of the Sip & Clip bottle to be disassembled, throughly cleaned and securely locked back into place. You can view how to easily disassemble the product by clicking HERE.

For an easy instructional video please click HERE.

If your product features a ‘planet friendly’ icon this is referring to the product being reusable.

Through the use of reusable products we can minimise the amount of disposable products that go into landfill.